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This image shows a computer screen displaying the posted radio shows.

Nash on VIBE

VIBE is the Victoria Inclusive Broadcasting Enterprise, a radio production facility at  Victoria School. Their productions can be listened to on Mixcloud. Nash College has begun to work with Victoria School’s in-house DJ and radio presenter Tony Rudd to produce some of our own radio shows. You can enjoy some of the work so far […]

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Signing the Alphabet

As part of our communication work at Nash Colleges we are using sign-language. In this short video Shaunette Brown demonstrates how easy it is. She shows you the vowels on one hand and then spells the whole alphabet.  

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Nash signs along

Nash College students worked hard in our signing choir rehearsing the lyrics of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” This video is capturing learners and staff signing along to the music. In December, we were asked to create a recording for the 2020 Livability Concert. We wanted to facilitate participation for everyone regardless of their […]

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Ofsted progress report: continued improvement

Livability Nash College has been on a journey of continued improvement since the Ofsted inspection last year. We are pleased to update that Ofsted visited the college in February 2021 and these were the key findings: Leaders and managers acted quickly and highly effectively to rewrite and put in place an improved curriculum, following weaknesses […]

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Joy to the world, say Livability students

Original Christmas songs, devised by students at Livability Nash College, spread love and joy at the charity’s much-loved carol celebration this year. Four students – Jake, Onyi, Ben and Kemal – wowed the audience with their song and dance numbers. Rehearsals began in early December, with the student troupe contributing to the themes of the […]

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Students enjoying Music making

Improving the learning experience at Nash College creatively

As part of proposed improvements at Nash College, new sessions that engage students creatively were introduced in the Summer term. Successfully run throughout the term was a pilot project that combined therapy, education and technology. Music Therapist, Tara Roman and Assistive Technologist, Alexander Wendt developed and delivered music and sound production workshops in collaborative effort. […]

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Ofsted report

It is with regret that we have learned that Ofsted has judged the provision at Nash College as inadequate overall in terms of effectiveness. Livability is committed to achieving the very best in outcomes and delivery across all our services. Following this report, we are taking immediate action to make very important improvements to the […]

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A dream job come true for Denzel

Getting a job is what many young disabled people dream of. Working in hospitality was Denzel’s goal – which Nash supported him to achieve. Finding work can be extra challenging when you have a disability, which is why Nash College invests considerable resource in community-based learning and job skills. When Denzel arrived at Nash on […]

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Jonathan’s story at Nash

Brian James – a parent of one of student at Nash – shares what their family have valued about the college. How did you discover Nash College? Disability, and the services provided for disabled people, has been an interest of mine all my adult life. But it has also become a family requirement because of […]

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Getting the details right with Occupational Therapy

Head of Occupational Therapy Anne Wendt sees the huge difference that an allied therapy team can make to the lives of disabled people. With ten years’ experience at Nash, she describes why she still finds the job so fascinating. Can you outline what an occupational therapist (OT) does? In a nutshell, an OT helps the […]

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