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Model 1 – Autism provision

‘Everything is a learning opportunity’

Our Coney House provision caters for learners with Autism and Learning Disabilities, some of our learners have challenging behaviour.

The provision is tailored to the individuals need and following a thorough transition from school or previous setting and baseline assessment. We use both SPELL and TEACCH as a back drop to the provision we offer but adapt it according to the student’s needs.

Our aim is to provide the right environment, support, independence and learning programme which is flexible throughout the students time at the college.

We do not expect students to fit into our provision but we expect to tailor our provision year on year based on their needs. On-going assessments of sensory needs, learning development and behaviour management all contribute to the provision we offer.

A multi-disciplinary team work together to improve outcomes for learners, the occupational therapists assess sensory needs and provide appropriate programmes of stimulation for regulating the body, the psychology team observe, support and analyse behaviour both with the OT, teaching team and speech therapist to analyse it’s cause and put strategies in place to reduce incidences and levels of anxiety.

Timetables are based on student preferences and fully flexible through the year. A lot of learning takes place in the community and provision is made onsite for students who face barriers to taking part in the community. Developing employability is embedded for all students with a high proportion of students accessing external work placement, all students have an internal work opportunity and our employability hub services for those who may face barriers to being with an employer.

The college uses MAYBO as its proactive choice of effecting communication and de-escalation techniques. All staff are trained to keep themselves and students safe in times of high anxiety.

The college is proud to work with the National Autistic Society and is accredited with them as a centre of excellence for meeting the need of learners with Autism.

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