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Model 2 – Learners with PMLD

Nash College is a leading provision for young people with profound learning disabilities, sensory impairments and complex health and communication needs.

The College offers individuals learning programme focusing on developing realistic skills that are essential to increasing independence and lowering levels of support in the community for their journey into adulthood.

The Nash curriculum develops the learner’s awareness and perceptions of the world around them, increasing social interaction and choice making skills. The use of assisted technology and specialist software enable students to communicate and have a voice.

Early communication skills are assessed and progressed with the use of intensive interaction. Individual goals and target are broken down into small steps for realistic pathways to personal development.

The final destinations and outcomes cover four main areas:

  • Family, Friends & Relationships
  • Home & Belonging
  • Work & Contributing to the Community
  • Leisure & Further/Adult Education
  • Well-being Be Healthy Stay Safe

Goals and targets are set in partnership with families that provide cognitive, sensory and motor development, communication, emotional and behavioural growth, plus life skills. This is supported with high staff ratios and assessment from our interdisciplinary teams.

Teaching strategies include associated learning, operant conditioning and intensive interaction. These are used to increase communication and to support students to anticipate cause and effect.

Teams of Speech and Language Therapists (SALT) assess communication levels and systems. These systems include photos, symbols and Makaton signs. The SALT team embraces the concept of using Total Communication, simple vocabulary, accurate word levels, and objects of reference to promote successful communication.

The Occupational and Physio therapists work together to increase the mobility and stamina of students by setting a standard of practice for students to access alternative learning positions, stretch, exercise programme. The team offer regular assessments for sensory integration, sensory diets and equipment.

Psychologists observe and assess to develop social, emotional and behavioural well-being of students. Collaborating with the educational teams.

The Music therapist works with students on an individual and in small groups.

With available funding aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, swimming and horse riding is available on the College timetable on a rota basis.

Students know they are safe at Nash by the continuity of their structured daily routines. Objects of Reference and body signs are used consistently to alert them before they are moved or are transferred to another environment. Functional vision assessments ensure the learning environment provides individuals with visual, sound and tactile cues for orientation and independent mobility.

Teams of Nurses administer medication and procedures during the college day. The nurse bay is always available for emergencies. Call alarm systems are installed throughout the facility.

Nash promotes ASDAN qualification – ASDAN is an organisation that provides tailor made units for students with PMLD. Students on the early stages of the continuum are involved to increase their community participation, personal development and independent living skills and students work towards accreditation and will receive either a Diploma, Certificate or Award.

The impact for PMLD learners is they grow into young people who are confident to make informed choices and have a voice. They embrace work based learning on and offsite, use public transport, travel to places in the local community and become part of society.

Students are motivated to learn in a college that promotes an open culture, British values and a Christian ethos that values and respects the wellbeing and dignity of their students.

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