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Model 3 – Severe Learning Difficulties

The Model Three provision is tailored for those students with moderate to severe learning disabilities who may also have physical, medical, and sensory needs.

Community based learning environment

A community based, learning environment gives the learner the opportunity to develop their independence, learn how to direct others, achieve their aspirations, experience work related learning, try a variety of leisure activities and learn how to be enterprising.

The learner will follow a structured but flexible timetable. Each day has an umbrella title with flexibility for individualised person centred opportunities relevant to each student’s aspirations for their future.

Enterprise, Creativity, Citizenship/Work Related Learning, Active and Functional days

The aim is for at least 25% of each individual’s learning to be based in the community, with the learners being supported and encouraged to: make choices and decisions regarding their activities, therefore experiencing learning opportunities that will impact on their future lives.

As a learner in this model you will be supported to:

  • Increase your Independence and self determination
  • Develop your communication skills
  • Build your relationships with your peers and the local community
  • Experience relevant work experience
  • Access travel training
  • Focus on and apply functional skills within all learning situations
  • Expand your problem solving skills to ensure personal development
  • The variety of teaching professionals and learning environments will ensure each learner experiences:

A structured environment which promotes their independence

  • The use of total communication
  • A learning environment which actively encourages self awareness and determination
  • An individualised, integrated physical programme which will maintain their optimum well being and impact on their learning experience.


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