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Nash College has “living and learning” buildings on campus. Unlike a school, the student population at the College changes considerably year on year with a third of students leaving and a third new to the College.

This means that a student’s residential offer may change year on year. The learning and progress needs of the individuals are paramount. These, plus their likes and dislikes, social groupings, friendships and safety are used to inform decisions relating to residential allocation.

We try at all times to balance the needs of the individual and the group. This is always highly complex and will at times require an element of compromise.

Nash House

Chapters sleeps nine students. This unit has separate staff teams and activities. They have separate lounges and bathrooms but share the use of a multi-sensory bathroom, multi-sensory space and Music Room.

Nash Hangout

Nash Hangout is a five-bedroomed unit fitted out to support the development of independent living skills. It is equipped with an adapted kitchen, lounge with TV and Interactive Learning Board. All bathroom and toilet facilities have appropriate specialist equipment.

Also situated in Nash House is the fully staffed and equipped Medical Suite. Students living in these areas will use the main dining room for all of their meals and snacks.

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