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College policies

Safeguarding Policy

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to all staff for the safeguarding and protection of persons we support; to ensure a consistent approach to responding to allegations and or concerns about the abuse or neglect of adults; and to ensure that the organisation fulfils its obligations under the Care Act 2014.

– download PDF: Safeguarding Policy v4.3


Safeguarding of Adults Procedure

All staff are provided with training to identify individuals at risk from abuse and those who may be experiencing abuse, as well as an understanding of the actions required should they have such concerns.

– download PDF: Safeguarding of Adults Procedure v6.4


Complaints and Compliments Policy

The purpose of this document is to uphold the rights of every person receiving support to make a complaint and voice a concern as well as provide compliments and ways in which we can improve; to ensure staff understand and uphold this right, supporting the individual in making a complaint; and to ensure complaints, concerns suggestions and compliments are logged and that where shortfalls have been made we seek to learn from them and improve our practice in the future.

– download PDF: Complaints and Compliments Policy


Whistleblowing and Raising Concerns Policy

This policy provides a framework within which individuals can raise concerns and manage a disclosure of malpractice or “whistleblowing” effectively and ensure there is a fair, consistent and transparent procedure to address issues. This policy also outlines the legal protection offered to whistle-blowers.

– download PDF: Whistleblowing and Raising Concerns Policy


Please contact us with any questions regarding our policies using the contacts page:  nashcollege.org.uk/contact-us


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