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020 8315 4800

Learning and technology

Supporting communication needs and helping Nash students get the most out of technology so they can live and learn independently is a major specialism at Nash.

For some students, the right tech support can be a key enabler to access the workplace. Our expert team helps students access the technology they need.

Learner technology

Students are encouraged to use technology throughout the curriculum and learning experience, helping them to develop practical skills, communication and knowledge.

For those with profound needs, technology supports them to make choices and communicate needs.

Students use aids such as wall-mounted touchscreens, desktop computers and iPads, and we are piloting specialised video-based learning materials for some of our autistic learners.

Independent living technology

Students can use this technology to make choices which make a real difference to everyday life. We are adding to our independent living and learning areas, giving control to students over tasks like opening blinds and controlling lights.

Like all young people, our students like to use technology to relax and interact, with computer games and online entertainment. Students and staff are trained to be safe and secure online