Speech & language

Speech & language

Our speech and language therapy colleagues work closely with all students and with staff across the college.


Our drive is for all students to be able to communicate their choices, preferences, needs, and opinions for functional communication by whatever means they are able to do so, and to develop their independence for their future post-college.

Our SaLT team determine what additional support a student may need to enhance their communication, and this can range from Objects of Reference, real objects, photos, symbols, communication books, switches and Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAs) that can also be controlled by eye movements for those with complex physical limitations. A large part of the role is also staff training. Staff receive training on communication strategies and all staff are taught core Makaton signs so that they can interact with students.

Eating and drinking

Please note, Livability Nash College does not offer an eating and drinking service within our college provision. All students with eating and drinking (dysphagia) should maintain the provision from their community/hospital services.