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020 8315 4800

Student life

Students can spend time out of doors in Nash’s beautiful woodlands, exercise and activity area and accessible walks.

Getting out and about

We support all our students to have an active social life – our philosophy is to encourage students to be active members of the local community by offering a wide choice of venues and activities.

Having fun

Students tell us what they want to do, and we support them. At college, students can spend time outdoors in our woodland site, exercise and activity areas. We use public and college transport, and the choice of things to do outside college includes riding, dog walking, gardening, trips to local cafes, clubs, discos and days out.

Eating well

Our outstanding catering team do their utmost to make food delicious and safe for each student. Every student is asked about what foods they like, and the team puts a high priority on food presentation. For those with differentiated diets, staff have developed techniques to mould food to look like solids, creating dishes including lasagne, chips and vegetables. Natural products and colourings are used.