020 8315 4800

020 8315 4800

Nash Challenge Club

Nash Challenge Club is our social enterprise project. Launched in 2022, the project was born from a desire to support students, past and present, to access practical work-based skills through community volunteering and enterprise activities.

Covid-19 had a disruptive impact with many of the destinations we worked with closing during the pandemic. Many did not reopen after the national lockdowns.

Having talked about the issue at length, we decided the solution was to set up our own enterprise. And so, Nash Challenge Club was born.

The club enables our young people to develop core work skills by participating in a range of enterprise activities, from horticulture and maintenance to creating crafts and products. It also provides an opportunity for them to socialise and connect and play an active role in the communities we serve.

As the project has grown, so we are looking to branch out and create a stream of enterprise activities, working in partnership with businesses and community groups.

Nash Challenge Club is also available to take on tasks – none too big or too small.

If you have a garden in need of a tidy, cars to be valeted, a litter pick or site that needs clearing, we can help.

Get in touch with our Nash Challenge team here or call 020 8315 4800.