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Improving the learning experience at Nash College creatively

As part of proposed improvements at Nash College, new sessions that engage students creatively were introduced in the summer term. A pilot project combining therapy, education and technology ran throughout the term.

Music Therapist Tara Roman and Assistive Technologist Alexander Wendt developed and delivered music and sound production workshops in a collaborative effort.

The aim of these sessions was to engage students with music technology software and hardware, while teaching the basics of music and sound recording techniques. The workshops enabled everyone to record and produce a short musical composition or soundscape, while catering for students’ interests and differing needs and abilities to express themselves.

Students engaged in practical work on an individual basis, in pairs and as a group. Their creations – 15 compositions – were presented as part of the end of year activities on an interactive platform, some illustrated with specially created cover artwork, others with photographs.

An excellent opportunity that has really engaged students and enabled them to express themselves, interact with their peers and create compositions that are enjoyed and appreciated by others.

Julia James (Interim Head of College)

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