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Nash on VIBE

VIBE is the Victoria Inclusive Broadcasting Enterprise, a radio production facility at  Victoria School. Their productions can be listened to on Mixcloud. Nash College has begun to work with Victoria School’s in-house DJ and radio presenter Tony Rudd to produce some of our own radio shows. You can enjoy some of the work so far here.

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A Day at Nash College:”] [/thrive_text_block]

Visit some class sessions and enjoy a lunchtime selection of favourite tunes by students. A “fly on the wall” radio show , featuring staff and students at Nash College in Kent.

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with Khelan & Samuel:”] [/thrive_text_block]

Students used an interactive touchscreen equipped with a choice-grid as part of their lunch time break. This grid announces and plays the music and gives everyone a little bit of DJ-power. Students have great fun to choose music. Listen to the class favourites here:


All shows appear on VIBE (posted 25th June 2021) and were produced by Tony Rudd at Livability’s Victoria School in Poole.

We have several more shows in the pipeline and plan to go even wider with our audience and content. If you have an idea for a show – let us know.


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