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Nash signs along

Nash College students worked hard in our signing choir rehearsing the lyrics of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” This video captures students and staff signing along to the music.

In December, we were asked to create a recording for the 2020 Livability Concert. We wanted to facilitate participation for everyone, regardless of their abilities and skills, and decided dancing, singing along and signing would be great. Students worked hard in our signing choir, rehearsing the lyrics and we video-recorded them performing to the music. Our students exceeded our expectations, some choosing to perform with hula-hoops, others by jumping along. From these recordings we assembled a video clip for the whole song.


Den Girbow, facilitator of this cross-disciplinary project, said: “It was wonderful to see how many students chose to participate and share their signing and dance moves. We were really pleased with the way in which so many staff took on the project.” In difficult times of restrictions on interaction “… it is heart-warming to see the teams come together to join the project – of course respective of their bubbles – from different parts of the College.”


Everyone who embraced the challenge took great pleasure to be involved in the project. What a brilliant Nash community we have.


In the video below Den Girbow, who is lecturer and also one of our signing coordinators, demonstrates 10 of the Nash core signs. Students and staff throughout our college community are learning to use these Makaton signs in context.  Would you like to learn them too?

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