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Ofsted progress report: continued improvement

Livability Nash College has been on a journey of continued improvement since the Ofsted inspection last year. We are pleased to update that Ofsted visited the college in February 2021 and these were the key findings:

  • Leaders and managers acted quickly and highly effectively to rewrite and put in place an improved curriculum, following weaknesses identified at the previous inspection.
  • They did this impressively during the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders and managers ensure that the curriculum supports learners to meet their education, health and care (EHC) plan outcomes, including for health and well-being.
  • They have adapted the curriculum to enable staff to react quickly when face-to-face teaching and support needs to move to a remote model.
  • Leaders have put in place a highly effective multi-disciplinary team, made up of tutors, support staff and therapists, to identify the very best way to support learners.
  • Parents really appreciate the support, which their young person receives from staff at the college. They feel well informed about the progress their son or daughter makes. Parents say that tutors know their children very well and that they design activities around their children’s interests, which they really enjoy.

We are committed to continual improvement for our students and achieving the very best in outcomes and delivery across our Education sites.
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